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Chris Dancy

Chris Dancy been working in IT support for 20 years with experiences ranging from help desk level 1, service desk manager, ITSM process consultant, software product manager, executive corporate marketing, entrepreneur and currently a director in the office of the CTO for BMC software. Most people know Chris as @servicesphere on twitter, the most followed and influential twitter account in the IT support industry.

Additionally Chris host of the US edition of ITSM weekly, the podcast, syndicated to 40,000 listeners monthly. His name and avatar are synonymous with social media for IT, edutainment and his futuristic visions for IT. An
agent provocateur who lives 15 minutes in the future, brace yourself, you're about to be awoken.


Rise of the DNA based Response System

Era 2014-2051

Autonomous, Heads Up, Biotech,Perspective as a Service, Micro-tasks, Influence, Precognitive information systems, Micro Big Data, and Interactive Emotional Response Gestures. These any many other items are going to dramatically impact the service desk of 2017 and beyond. Discover, the tools, skills, metrics that will drive the next generation of connected employees back to Support.

Podcast host with 40K listeners #1 twitter account in IT support space

Podium 1 | 16.45 - 17.15