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Ashiful Alam

Ashiful Alam is currently working as a Customers Solutions Engineer at Antaris Solutions.
He just completed his MSc in Business Information Technology from the University of Twente.
Before starting his masters education he worked as a Computer Network Manager in an organization in Bangladesh for one and half year. He had a Bachelor degree in Information Technology.

Business Information Management and the Cloud

The presentation is based on a graduation project from the University of Twente, entitled Business Information Management (BIM) and the Cloud. The aim of the project was to investigate the future course of action for BiSL framework to cope with the emerging cloud computing. Based on the outcome of the project, the presentation will convey how BiSL - a framework for BIM - can work smoothly to deal with cloud computing. After the presentation visitors are expected to learn a way to represent the course of actions for BiSL to its practitioners.

The presentation will talk about usages of Business Process Model for representing certain BiSL practices, which is new and different from contemporary BiSL framwork.

Birds of a Feather | Specials | 14.10 – 14.50